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ab ad ag ah air aj all am an ann anthro anti ap aq aqua ar as at au aud auto aw ax az

be bene bi bio bl bo br by

ca cap cat ce cent ch chron ci cl co com con cr cu cy

da de dec di dia do dog dr du dw

ed ef eg eh ej el en end eq er es et eu ex extra ey ez

fa fac fe fl for fore fr fu fy

ga ge geo gh gi gl gn go gr gu gy

ha hex hexa hi hy hydro hyper

id ie if ig il im in inter intra ir is it iz

ja jar je ji jo ju

ka ki kn ko kr

la li lo

mal man mar me mega men mi micro mis miss mo mon mono multi my

na ne neo no non nona

oct of oh omni on one oo op or os out over ow ox oz

pa pan ped penta peri ph phil photo pi poly post pr pre pro pseudo

qa qe qi qo qu qua quad que qui

ray re red rex rh ri ru

sch semi sh sk sl sn so sp spl sq squ st str sub sun super sw syn

tele ten th thr to tr trans tri ts tw ty

um un under uni up ut

va ve vi vid vu

we wh wiz wo wr wu

xa xe xu

ya ye yi yo you

za ze zen zi zo zoo zu zy

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