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oct, octa, octachloride, octachord, octachordal, octachords, octachronous, octacolic, octactinal, octactine, octactinian, octad, octadecahydrate, octadecane, octadecanoic, octadecyl, octadic, octadrachm, octadrachma, octads, octaechos, octaemera, octaemeron, octaeteric, octaeterid, octaeteris.

octagon, octagonal, octagonally, octagons, octahedra, octahedral, octahedrally, octahedric, octahedrical, octahedrite, octahedrites, octahedroid, octahedron, octahedrons, octahedrous, octahydrate, octahydrated, octakishexahedron, octal, octals, octamerism, octamerous, octameter, octameters, octan, octanaphthene, octandria, octandrian, octandrious, octandrous, octane.

octanes, octangle, octangles, octangular, octangularness, octanol, octanols, octans, octant, octantal, octants, octapeptide, octapeptides, octapla, octaplas, octaploid, octaploidic, octaploidies, octaploids, octaploidy, octapodic, octapodies, octapody, octarch, octarchies, octarchy, octarius, octaroon, octaroons, octarticulate, octary, octas, octasemic, octastich, octastichon, octastichons, octastichous, octastichs, octastrophic, octastyle, octastyles, octastylos, octateuch, octaval, octavalent, octavaria, octavarium, octavd, octave, octaves.

octavic, octavina, octavo, octavos, octdra, octect, octects, octenary, octene, octennial, octennially, octet, octets, octett, octette, octettes, octetts, octic, octile, octillion, octillions, octillionth, octillionths, octine, octingenaries, octingenary, octingentenaries, octingentenary, octoad, octoalloy, octoate, octobass, october, octobers, octobrachiate, octocentenaries, octocentenary, octocentennial, octochord, octocorallan, octocoralline, octocotyloid, octodactyl, octodactyle, octodactylous, octode, octodecillion, octodecillions, octodecillionth, octodecimal, octodecimo, octodecimos.

octodentate, octodianome, octodon, octodont, octoechos, octofid, octofoil, octofoiled, octogamy, octogenarian, octogenarianism, octogenarians, octogenaries, octogenary, octogild, octoglot, octogynia, octogynian, octogynious, octogynous, octohedra, octohedral, octohedron, octohedrons, octoic, octoid, octolateral, octolocular, octomeral, octomerous, octometer, octonal, octonare, octonarian.

octonarians, octonaries, octonarii, octonarius, octonary, octonematous, octonion, octonocular, octoon, octopartite, octopean, octoped, octopede, octopetalous, octophthalmous, octophyllous, octopi, octopine, octoploid, octoploidic, octoploids, octoploidy, octopod, octopodan, octopodes, octopodous, octopods, octopolar, octopus, octopuses.

octopush, octopusher, octopushers, octopushes, octoradial, octoradiate, octoradiated, octoreme, octoroon, octoroons, octose, octosepalous, octospermous, octospore, octosporous, octostichous, octostyle, octostyles, octosyllabic, octosyllabics, octosyllable, octosyllables, octothorp, octothorpe, octothorpes, octothorps, octovalent, octoyl, octroi, octrois, octroy, octuor, octuors, octuple, octupled, octuples, octuplet, octuplets.

octuplex, octuplicate, octuplicates, octuplication, octupling, octuply, octyl, octylene, octyls, octyne,

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